We are all about “All natural”. We practice natural and sustainable processes in producing our food products. Our model is to keep it small and local (150KM radius). We procure from local farmers – quickly process to maintain sufficient bacteria growth and supply finished healthy products to the market within 8-12hrs of producing milk. What you drink is all real - No adulterants, no artificial flavors, more protein, more calcium and extra life.

Our farmers produce them all through natural sources - for now from the areas of Nalgonda and Palakol districts of Andhra Pradesh. We do not claim to be organic because grass and feed require minerals that are chemical and organic can be expensive - making the product not reachable. And we guarantee 99.99%, we do not procure milk from any farmer who feeds “animal feed” to herbivorous animals. We promise to not adulterate for any profit.

We engage constantly with farmers in practicing natural means of cultivating and respect the animals as beings with rights and not a trading commodity.

Who is our Customer – Our customers are people of taste for earthy things and people who live their life passionately. They love the simplest things – the early mornings, laugh, walk long, have fun in meeting people,  travel places, are honest, passionate about work, creative, they care  - they just do things they love. And probably they understand freedom and happiness better.

Vision & Mission: Enabling the Future

Process: Honest business practices, zero tolerance to corruption, Transparent supply chain, Timely accounting practices. Our goal is to have a predictable process to all the partners and people involved. We have built a custom web-based application to meet our requirements and for open customer engagement are using the portal: www.facebook.com/mybramhas and Google plus.

People: Birds of same feather flock together. We the employees of Narayana natural Foods share the same values that of our customers and farmers and keep your interests at the highest. We would also bring in the similar vendors who share our values of being Honest, passionate, creative and doing things they love. Doing things the best way and with highest quality and safety is our top most priority.

Our Partners: 

We engage a lot with local panchayats like: Kamepally, Yerraram, Telugupalle, Chandampet, Gonaboyinapalli,  Gaouraram and many Thanda's around our manufacturing plant. We procure the most important ingredient Raw Milk from this  

Bank : We bank with Andhra bank, Dindi – and thank them for constant mentorship. The bank manager has been a finest experience we had ever and strongly believe  entrepreneurship can be an easier ride if more such people existed. We wish him and the Bank the best and look forward to working with them.

Our Products: 

we are currently producing many variants YoLassi's, ButterMilk and Herbal Water. Our fruit lassi’s are seasonal and would be though out the year.